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Finding Hidden Millions in Commercial Cleaning

Mar 02, 2015

July 21st, 2014

When people consider joining a franchise, they believe a lot of money can be made, but primarily only acknowledge restaurants and retail stores. Prospects consider these segments because they are common, the product or service is easy to understand and the brands are usually in plain sight. The reality of buying a franchise with brands from these industries is that owners need to purchase multiple units or stores to achieve any form of financial success. In some cases, franchise owners ultimately buy themselves a job instead of running a business, and end up flipping burgers or stocking product.

In comparison, there are some franchise brands operating under the radar that offer a much-needed product or service, many of which tout a business model with a far superior return on investment, additional revenue streams, and are more than meet the eye.

One of those brands is Anago Cleaning Systems. A leading commercial cleaning franchise organization celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2014, Anago provides customized cleaning solutions for office and medical buildings, schools, factories, financial and governmental facilities. Anago is a stealth-like franchise concept, unseen by most consumers, as its Master Franchisees enjoy a 9-5 work schedule, run the sales and marketing, and coordinate with Unit Franchisees, who operate outside of normal business hours, to service clients efficiently and effectively.

“With over 30 Master Franchises and growing, and 2,400 Unit Franchisees throughout the U.S. and internationally, Anago has found success providing a service that many entrepreneurs overlook,” said David Povlitz, Chairman and Founder of Anago Cleaning Systems, who still owns Anago’s very first Master Franchise. “Our Master Franchise opportunity equips entrepreneurs to start a high-revenue business in a recession-resistant industry, that I am proud to personally be a part of.”

According to Povlitz, “Master Franchisees are not typically from the cleaning industry, but they’re a manager or executive in sales and marketing poised to use their experience to sign new clients, sell commercial cleaning Unit Franchises in their exclusive territory, manage a staff and build relationships within the community.”
Having been consistently ranked as one of the Fastest Growing Franchises in the U.S. by Entrepreneur magazine, many have taken notice of Anago’s franchise opportunity. Prospects always know there is money to be made in franchising with a proven concept, but where Anago sets itself apart is by offering those joining its unique Master Franchise program, the opportunity to recruit, grow, and profit from their very own franchise network within the industry.

“There is also a lot of money in cleaning that most people are simply not aware of. Drive down any street and every business you see needs to be cleaned,” said Adam Povlitz, Executive Vice President of Anago Cleaning Systems. “Our Franchisees are among the most successful in any industry, so while we’re not the first franchise model you think of, we’re typically the last one you ever need to. We challenge prospective franchise buyers to think beyond sandwich or frozen yogurt concepts and welcome the chance to prove that entrepreneurs can find personal and financial happiness in a franchise concept that has been hiding in their office all along. As it turns out, there’s money in dirt.”


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