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Guidant Financial

(Important Note: Guidant Financial Group is NOT a franchise opportunity. Guidant can provide you with a unique financing option for your new franchise)

Pension Transfer Trust

Pension Transfer Advisors

For example, if you have $100,000 in a retirement account, by setting up this type of trust plan, you will avoid paying out as much as $45,000 in taxes and penalties. That’s $45,000 more money to put into your new business!

This is not a loan – so there is no interest to pay – and no loan pay back required.

Is this legal? Yes! With the passage of The ERISA Act of 1974 and EGTRRA in 2001, taxpayers are allowed to use 401(k) and IRA monies to fund their own businesses.

Benetrends 401K IRA Rollover Plans

Benetrends 401K IRA Rollover Plans

Benetrends offers a safe, secure and proven approach to access your 401(k)/IRA or other type of retirement plan to purchase a franchise – without incurring taxes, penalties or unnecessary debt.

Just as franchises come in all shapes and sizes, so do the options for funding them. Benetrends is the ideal partner to help you navigate through the many available options. We feature a wide range of funding programs covering nearly every type of business situation. This allows us to structure the most attractive financing option for you to purchase your franchise.

Pango Financial

Pango Financial

Pango Financial is the price leader for investing your retirement savings tax deferred and penalty free in your business. The DreamSpark plan investment takes your business from a dream to reality. Use your retirement funds, 401(k) or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) savings to capitalize your business through the Pango DreamSpark plan. We take the guesswork out of financing your new business while you watch your investment grow as your business succeeds. As the price leader, we invite you to comparison shop. You’ll find that our DreamSpark plan provides you with the best value at the lowest cost. We know every dollar counts.

Pango is the only provider with an online and “green? certified application and 24/7 account access. Act now to take advantage of Pango’s substantial savings and start your DreamSpark plan today. Your success is our passion!

How to Finance a Franchise Purchase

Bank loans unsecured by collateral are relatively rare, even for those with good credit. In addition to securing a loan with a mortgage on your home or other asset, be ready to be asked to put your own money into the deal, typically about 20% of the amount needed. Even with healthy businesses and solid collateral, most bank loans to new franchisees occur when a borrower has established relationships with a banker, or has previous experience, or is a figure in the community. If that’s not you, consider a loan backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

SBA loans are partially guaranteed by the government, making them less risky. The standard SBA loan for franchisees is known as the 7(a), which is issued by a bank or other qualified lender, and partly guaranteed against default by the government. Because of that backing, such loans are seen as relatively low-risk.

SBA loans of five- to six-year maturities can provide short-term working capital and equipment. Real-estate loans can run for 20 years or more. About 10% of all SBA loans go to franchisees, with the size running between $250,000 and $500,000, and maximum of $2 million. Most of that money is for franchise entry fees, improvements or working capital. Borrowers must be creditworthy, typically must contribute some equity, and are expected to repay the SBA loan out of the franchise’s cash flow.