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Clothing Store Developers offer boutique style affordable Womens Clothing and Accessories stores.

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Cash Investment :
Investment Range :
$50,000 - $84,900
Franchise Fees :
Training & Support :
Financing Available :
Yes, via third party
Primary Industry :
Retail Franchises
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Own your own Women’s Clothing Boutique

More than ever fashion shoppers today are seeking the best possible value and style for their budgets. Clothing

Store Developers offer boutique style affordable Women’s Clothing and Accessories stores.

Clothing Store Package Starting at only

High Quality Merchandise

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The Clothing stores carry a combination of high quality low cost accessories and apparel. The accessories start retailing under $10 with the apparel retailing less than $40. This is significantly lower than other retailers, made possible by our extensive wholesale network. The mix of apparel and accessories is appealing to all women. Mother and daughter alike will be able to find something they want at our Clothing Stores. Our buyers travel to secure amazing deals on high quality merchandise. The product mix is a combination of high quality value priced clothing and accessories such as fashion apparel, handbags, jewelry, scarves, and shoes. We counsel the store owner on how to order and who the best vendors are for the store concept. Our goal is to give store owners the best profit margin and most competitive pricing to fill their store with consumers, and keep them coming back. The retail price of the merchandise is marked up 200-300% and yet is an excellent value for your client. Store owners can expect a gross profit margin of 50-75%.


Store Design

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Clothing Store Developers provide beautifully designed rich boutique style interiors. The fixture package and interior design of your store will give the look and feel of a high end boutique with handcrafted specialty fixtures and personalized elements. We provide the right mix of merchandise and store design that has proven to be successful because of its allure and affordability. Our affordability does not mean that your fixtures or merchandise will appear inexpensive. Quite the opposite! Customers love the coordinated colors and style which create a warm, welcoming, inviting look.


What if I've never owned or even worked at a retail store before?

It is not important for a new store owner to be a retail expert because we start them out with all the necessary experience to open their store! We train each new store owner on how to run a clothing store even if they have never operated or worked at one before. We have an extremely experienced team of knowledgeable instructors who have each operated numerous small scale and large scale retail operations. We have an extensive training program that educates the new owner on every important facet of running a clothing business.

We will comprehensively train you and your staff on your entire store's operations including critical functions like using the register system, buying merchandise, the visual merchandising of your store and much more. The bottom line is we will be right beside you from the planning stage all the way through to your store's opening.

Remember, EVERYTHING is included

When we say everything is included within the retail space of the store in the package price, we mean everything:

$10 Clothing Store 01

  • Financing assistance
  • Credit repair (should you need it)
  • Site location assistance
  • Negotiating the lease
  • Complete build-out of the store
  • Complete training
  • Wholesale merchandise network
  • Ongoing training and support

We will do the major work of helping you find the right location for your store and assisting with the lease negotiations. We will build out the store completely - including full assembly of all fixtures mirroring the top clothing retailers, eye-popping merchandise displays, visually exciting interior signage and total equipment installation. There is even a budget for the exterior signage of the store. EVERYTHING! Clothing Store Developers is offering you the best business opportunity to become a store owner!


This is NOT a franchise

This is NOT a franchise. The store owner has 100% control over all aspects of their business. There are no ongoing royalties or fees, but store owners do receive ongoing customer service support and access to one of the largest purchasing networks in the USA. From the beginning the store owner has 100% total control over all decisions regarding the store, including site location, store layout, timing of opening, merchandise, advertising, marketing, the store name and more. Clothing Store Developers is offering you the best business opportunity to become a store owner!

Get your retail future on track now!

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