AS SEEN IN BUSINESS WEEK! Own A Human Resources/Dating Agency's excellent franchising opportunity, you can become part of a growing business introducing beautiful Czech women to men from the U.S.A., Canada and Western Europe.

Cash Investment: $2,000 Investment Range: $12,000
Franchise Fees: $12,000 Training & Support: Yes
Franchise Units: 50 Financing Available: No
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Most Beautiful People

No Body Gets People Like We Do


Fantastic Franchise Opportunities

In the 21st century, more and more women are deciding to focus on their careers and other interests rather than settling down with a successful and interesting man. However, the advent of introduction agencies such as Most Beautiful People can make the dream, which many men aspire to, of having a beautiful, educated, reasonably younger and unique woman by your side a REALlTY.

That said, how would you like to own a business where you can become very successful by connecting these Czech lovelies with the single men that desire them? With Most Beautiful People excellent franchising opportunity, you can become part of a growing business - the business of connecting Beautiful, Czech women with the men from the U.S.A. and Western Europe.

But these men don't want to deal with unsavory services that only offer short-term indulgences; these men are successful men that want an established and accepted way to meet good women - a company such as Most Beautiful People. That is why we offer such a promising and lucrative business opportunity. Because by owning an introduction agency franchise, the possibility of making money in the singles industry is there.

This is about MONEY. The chance to make a lot of it,and also HELP PEOPLE TO TURN THEIR DEAMS INTO REALITY! The Dating and Introduction Business as well as Nurse Recruitment is already a Multi-Billion Dollar business that is growing at an ever increasing rate even during down economic times, so there is no recession in this business.

You can start this business PART TIME, and keep your own job and business if you have 15 hours a week to spare,either nights or weekends.There is NO COLD CALLING the clients contact you directly.

Keep in mind that we have
4 DIFFERENT WAYS TO MAKE a lot of money:

  1. Introducing Beautiful Younger Women to Men
  2. Introducing Handsome Younger Men to men (this service is optional to the franchisee)
  3. Doing both of the above mentioned services thru travel agents as well as directly, something no other introduction agency does.
  4. Placement of attractive nurses from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to countries all over the world especially USA, UK, CANADA and the Middle East. There is a tremendous shortage of qualified nurses all over the world. The US Government predicts by 2018 there will be one million more nursing positions than nurses. The scale of this shortage is also true for Canada, Western Europe and the Middle East.

Hospitals, Clinics, and Care Homes are paying 15 % fees of the first years salary to agencies to find qualified nurses. For example a RN in the USA gets about $55,000 per year, so the commission would be about $8250, and the franchisee gets 50% of this which equates to $4125 for each nurse. We have a great ADVANTAGE over other agencies in that all of our Nurses are very attractive which will appeal to Quality, Private Hospitals and Clinics. We are the ONLY Agency offering this type of service.

Concerning the Introduction Business, over the past number of years intro agencies have become an established and accepted way for single men to meet women. Men are eager to meet a reasonably younger beautiful woman for a long term relationship, especially women that are devoted and non-feminist. It's extremely difficult, if not impossible to find this in the USA or UK, so thousands of men use foreign agencies.

Biggest problem with foreign women, especially from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Philippines, and from Central America, is that they have a very difficult time to get a visa to come to the USA or UK. Women from the CZECH REPUBLIC and SLOVAKIA DO NOT need a visa to come to the USA and UK, and this gives us a very big competitive advantage over other foreign agencies,as the MEN can SEND for the women WITHOUT leaving the U.S.A. or U.K..

Men are eager to meet good women and potential life partners, as witnessed in the continuous incredible growth of the intro business.We are on the RIGHT TRACK as E-HARMONY one of the largest internet dating services has just introduced a $5000 personalized service wherein they guarantee you contacting one person a month for a year and they do not guarantee that she is even good looking. Our monitored service is almost half that price and we guarantee unlimited women to contact ALL GOOD LOOKING.

Here are some things to
contemplate when considering our UNIQUE opportunity.

We also have a big article about our company in Bloomberg Business Week Magazine, and we are also featured in the UK Sunday Times Magazine Supplement., and Harpers Bazaar.

Our proven business plan
is incredibly perfect in its simplicity.

The territories are exclusive and going quickly. If you are interested in a unique franchise that has virtually no legitimate competition in your own area, and makes a lot of money, then contact me at your earliest convenience.

Very Important Thing To Understand Re Training

Someone from our company actually comes to personally visit with you for TWO WHOLE DAYS on a one -to-one basis ,so you are fully prepared to operate our business VERY SUCCESSFULLY.

For more information visit:

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