Nika Restaurant Services

Nika franchise has 3 bundled services needed by ALL restaurants. We are seeking Master Area Developers to assists us in selling franchises. This is the perfect management style business because you oversee the franchisees and earn royalties for LIFE.

Cash Investment: $25,000 Investment Range: $100,000 - $200,000
Franchise Fees: $100,000 Training & Support: Yes
Franchise Units: NA Financing Available: NA
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Nika is an exceptional franchise with 3 great services that are needed by ALL restaurants. 

The Nika Area Developer program is a management style programwhere you help us sell franchises and support the franchisees with inventory while they perform all the work to the restaurant customer. It's a great business you will love. 

Your Duties as an Area Developer

Our Services

Nika is a fast growing national franchise offering 3 great services needed by ALL restaurants. Restaurants love our bundled services because it saves them thousands of dollars each year! Currently there are no national franchises that offer a bundled service like ours which gives us a competitive marketing edge to the restaurants.

  1. Cooking Oil Filtration : Restaurants typically throw away their cooking oil every 2-3 days. By using our Nika micro oil filtration machine, they can now extend the life of that cooking oil by 50-75% before throwing it out while keeping consistently great tasting fried food throughout that period. Nika has the only cooking oil filtration machine in the USA that can filter down to 1 micron, guarantees to cut cooking oil costs by 50% or more each month.
  2. Exhaust Hood Cleaning: Throughout the United States, exhaust hood cleaning is government mandated and enforced by city fire inspectors. Restaurants must clean their exhaust hood system periodically throughout the year to prevent fires. We offer a certified 10 point system that is superior to any hood cleaning service.
  3. Waste Oil Collection : Once the cooking oil reaches its maximum life, it must be thrown away. We collect this waste oil from them on a monthly basis and pay them for it, which then gets sold to bio diesel companies.

The Competition

Currently there are no other companies or franchises in the USA that offer all 3 services under one roof! This gives us a tremendous advantage to give deals to restaurants and lock them down. Our goal is to slowly bring in additional restaurant services through subcontracted vendors that we will manage, so we can build a network of services that no one will be able to compete with.

Exclusive Territory

We are selling exclusive Master Area Developer territories to qualified individuals, from $100K-$200K based on the size of the state you purchase. You will help us sell and support the franchisees with inventory which they will need and you will get paid 50% of franchises fees and royalties for LIFE!  The smaller franchise territories are sold by the county and based on the population of the county and sold in 4 levels; Low Density: $25,000, Medium Density: 30,000, High Density: $40,000 and Urban Density that sells at $50,000.


Training & Support

Your exclusive territory comes with a 6 Day training, a starter pack of micro oil filtration machines, appointment leads by our telemarketing company, business cards, post cards, Nika-wear polo shirts, & weekly leads of new restaurants in your territory. Once you buy, we become your long term partner... the support is continuous and 24/7 whenever you need our help. Our goal is to see you succeed! 







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