Wendy's grants franchises for the operation of a distinctive style of quick-service restaurant.

Cash Investment: $9,995 Investment Range: $9,995
Franchise Fees: $9,995 Training & Support: Yes
Franchise Units: 6541 Financing Available: Yes
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Date of Incorporation: 1969


Franchising Since: 1972


Address: Dublin, Ohio


Country: U.S.


Business Description: Wendy's grants franchises for the operation of a distinctive style of quick-service restaurant. Wendy's, along with some of its affiliates, also owns and operates Wendy's Restaurants and on occasion leases and sells Wendy's Restaurants as well as other real estate interests owned by Wendy's and its affiliates.


Franchise Offer: The franchisee will operate a quick-service restaurant which offers a limited menu of prepared to order food, including hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and complementary items.


Financial Assistance: On occasion, Wendy's cooperates with various lenders in the lenders' efforts to provide financing to qualified franchisees for various purposes. Wendy's may in certain specific situations offer its own leasing programs to new or existing franchisees who are in full compliance with their obligations to Wendy's. The financing programs which Wendy's may offer include: the leasing of company owned restaurants, and other direct and indirect financing.


Training and Assistance: Before the opening of the Restaurant, the franchisee (or, if the franchisee is a corporation, partnership, or other business entity, the Operator for the Restaurant as previously approved by Wendy's) and the initial management employees and Restaurant crew must attend and complete, to Wendy's satisfaction, an initial training program. At Wendy's option, any management persons later employed by the franchisee must also attend and complete Wendy's training program, to Wendy's satisfaction. The franchisee and management employees involved in the operation of the Restaurant must also attend additional courses, seminars, and other training programs as Wendy's may reasonably require. Wendy's will be responsible for the cost of materials and instructors for the initial training program for the franchisee or the Operator only, if the Restaurant is the franchisee’s first Restaurant operating in the System. A typical initial training program will be approximately 20-24 weeks in duration and will include both classroom and on-the-job training.


Territory: The franchisee will not receive an exclusive territory. The franchisee may face competition from other Wendy's franchisees, from company-owned Wendy's Restaurants, or from other channels of distribution or competitive brands owned by affiliates of Wendy's.


Term of Agreement and Renewal: The length of the franchise term is 20 years. The renewal term is for 10 years, if the franchisee is in good standing and complies with renewal conditions.


Obligations and Restrictions: Wendy's strongly recommends that the franchisee participate personally in the actual operation of the Wendy's Restaurant. If the franchisee (or the managing and controlling partner or shareholder, if the franchisee is a partnership, corporation or other business entity) elect not to participate in the Wendy's Restaurant's day-to-day operations, an individual "Operator" must be designated to supervise the Wendy's Restaurant's operation at all times. Wendy's may regulate, among other things the real estate (whether purchased or leased), the type, model and brands of required fixtures, furnishings, equipment, signs, materials and supplies to be used in operating the franchisee’s Wendy's Restaurant, required or authorized products and product categories and the approved suppliers of each item. In addition, the franchisee must adhere to the standards and specifications established by Wendy's which may impose minimum requirements for delivery, performance, quality, safety and cost.


Total Number of Units: 6,541 units


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