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Join the only free lawyer based credit wellness, certification & grading system company in the industry. We are the Credit Affiliate Group. As seen in over 100 national news outlets including Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, CW, Market Watch & Benzinga. We have pioneered and changed the way this industry conducts its business. We are an attorney based credit wellness company networked with numerous debt & credit attorney's to serve our clients nationwide. We have 2 available entry points for all interested individuals. Below is a list of what is included when you join us over at Credit Affiliate Group.

Franchise Information

Cash Investment :
Investment Range :
n/a - $250
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Training & Support :
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Accounting and Financial Services Franchises
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Join the hottest tech driven credit wellness company ever invented.  It's absolutely free to join us with no hidden monthly affiliate fees.  EVER!!  Get paid instantly with no corporate payroll lag time.  As seen in over 100 national news outlets including Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, CW, & Benzinga.  We have pioneered and changed the way this industry conducts its business.  We are an attorney based credit wellness company and have networked with several debt & credit attorney's to serve our clients nationwide.  Below is a list of what is included when you join us over at Credit Affiliate Group.

        • Low Monthly Affiliate Fees.
        • Credit Repair Leads Are Included.   (National Affiliate Program Only).
        • Credit Affiliate Leads are Included.  (National Affiliate Program Only).
        • You Set Your Own Pricing Structure.
        • Commissions Paid Upon Client SignUp.  No Waiting For Payroll.
        • Mobile App Payments.
        • Access To Our Attorney Network.  (Yes, A Real Attorney Will Contact Your Clients At No Charge).
        • Debt Payoff Programs.  (Our Attorney's Do All Of The Heavy Lifting).
        • Stop Harassing Collection Calls.  (Again, Our Attorney's Do All Of The Heavy Lifting).
        • 100 Point Credit Score Increase Policy.
        • Lifetime Certificate Of Completion Contracts.  Once A Client, Always A Client.
        • Credit Wellness Training Programs.
        • Bi-Weekly Corporate Zoom Calls.
        • No MLM Structure.  No Pyramid Scheme Structure.
        • Back end corporate support.
        • Permanent Results.

Now, one thing we won't do is force any of our affiliates to join or put pressure on them to join our company, but if you are not happy with your current job or career path, please contact us.  This industry is piping hot right now and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.  Since we offer our own in house lead program, we have the firepower to keep you busy.  Whether you are needing credit leads or are looking to go national and build and train others, we offer both credit and affiliate leads to those who are ready to work their way up to a 6 figure income.

What's It Like To Be A Part Of A Credit Affiliate Group?

Please fill out the form through Franchise Clique and one of our national affiliates will reach out to you to go over our structure.  If you have any questions at that time, they will be glad to help you in any way possible.

Over 10 Million People Have Quit Their Jobs.

Never Run Out Of Clients/Affiliates.

As a national powerhouse, we have the budget to keep all of our affiliates busy.  We will never ask you to recruit any of your friends or family as we are staying as far away as we can from becoming a MLM/Pyramid Scheme type company.  That is why we offer everything in house.

No experience Is Necessary.

Yes.  No experience is necessary.  Why?  Because we will train you and have you walking on that yellow brick road in no time.

No Territories/Work From Home.

Since we are a tech driven company, you may work directly from the comforts of your own home.  All you need is internet access, a computer, or a tablet.

Instant Payouts.

Since we allow our affiliates to set their own pricing and bill their own clients, we have given the power over to you.  Corporate will do all of your heavy lifting and our attorney's will help your clients and you'll get paid upon client sign up.  No waiting for a payroll department to mail you out your monthly commission checks.  Get paid instantly!!

How Much Does It Cost?

We have 2 affiliate program options for those who are wanting to become a part of our company.

#1.  Our entry affiliate program.  This is FREE of charge.  No monthly affiliate fees.   No yearly renewal fees.  Just pay your $25/mo for your software access and you are set.  (You'll need your software access to run your business).  Commissions are $100 per signed up client. 

#2.  Our national affiliate program.  There is a $249/mo affiliate fee.  This allows you a bit more wiggle room on how to run your business.  This includes leads!!!!!  Once you are trained, we will send you a PDF file of bad credit mortgage leads.  You will also receive affiliate leads such as yourself so you can expand and go national.  Again, there will be training involved with this part of the program, but it is included at no extra costs.   Commission payouts are on a 100% payout contract minus a per processing fee of $375 per client.  For Example:  You sign up a client at $799 (Again, this affiliate package allows you to set your own pricing).  We charge you a one time $375 per file fee, so you will make $424 on that client.  Please remember that our attorney's and corporate processing are processing your clients files.  We do all of the heavy lifting and we allow you to tap into our 100% certificate of completion contracts along with the 100 point credit score increase policy.  We back all of our affiliates up with all of these corporate policies.  Again, commissions are paid instantly or within 3 business days upon your client signing our agreements. 

Extras:  If you are needing or wanting a custom built website that mimics the corporate website, there is a $149/mo charge for that and it includes your domain AND hosting.  This is completely optional.  Please ask us upon inquiry for example affiliate websites. 

As always we thank each and every one of you for inquiring about our affiliate opportunities.  We look forward to speaking to you and giving you the training and leads you need to become successful.


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