Checkers and Rallys: Driving Food Franchise Growth


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Though young when compared with Wendys and McDonalds, fast food franchises Checkers and Rallys have proven that sometimes newer can be better. The two concepts are fueling their growth with frequent menu improvements, intensive franchisee recruitment and training, and a commitment to veterans. Founded in the late 80s, Checkers and Rallys sell your traditional fast food fare: burgers, fries, cola, milkshakes, hand pies and a bevvy of other American favorites-- with a twist. The restaurant franchises often update their menu. New food items include a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and a Fry Lovers Burger, which makes a literal combo out of a burger and fries. Pair either new sandwich with a Banana Milkshake and consider your appetite crushed.

While Checkers and Rallys certainly have their customers hunger under control, its the franchise duos ability to encourage greatness in their franchisees thats most admirable. The franchise is 800 strong and the established brands have been lauded by numerous franchise industry publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, QSR, and Franchise Times. One of the secrets to Checkers and Rallys collective success is how deeply involved the brands are in selecting franchisees, franchisee training, keeping product offerings current and maintaining Checkers and Rallys visibility through concerted public relations, lead generation, marketing and social media efforts. Once approved, new Checkers and Rallys franchisees undergo a five week intensive training program in an established Checkers or Rallys location. Pending a successfully completed training program, each franchisee is guided by a business team assigned to his or her location to aid in site selection, provide construction support, and train managers and other personnel. Theres not a single step that Checkers and Rallys franchisees take alone. Theres a reason why the two concepts have been ranked in Entrepreneurs Franchise 500 as one of the Top 100 franchises in the U.S. and as one of the Top 100 fastest growing franchises in the U.S. The restaurant franchises are also committed to aiding veterans of the armed forces and are active members of VetFran, providing discounts to honorably discharged veterans who qualify. For more information on Checkers and Rallys or to learn how to become a franchisee, visit

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