It's in the Water: Brooklyn Water Bagels

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What makes a good bagel good? Any New Yorker will tell you its the water.Bagels, first introduced to America by Polish-Jewish immigrants in the 1880s, have become a signature bread in New York City and its surrounding boroughs. When Polish immigrants passed through Ellis Island, they brought with them the delicious recipe, which is said to be made best with New York City tap water.Many New York bagel enthusiasts claim that when transient populations of New Yorkers first got down to places like South Carolina and Florida and began making bagels, they realized that while their flour and ingredients were the same, their bagels did not taste the same. The missing ingredient was, of course, the tap water. New York City tap water has a pH level of 7.2; whereas a pH of 7.0 is considered pure water. The pH level affects the way in which proteins in the mixture denature, and therefore can cause a change in the way the yeast rises and the dough tastes. Additionally, New York City water has optimal quantities of calcium and dissolved minerals, strengthening the wheat protein and causing the bagel to taste chewier a texture many bagel lovers enjoy.So what is a bagel shop in Florida to do? In steps Brooklyn Water Bagels, a bagel shop franchise originated in Delray Beach, Florida. The CEO, Steven Fassberg, a Brooklynite relocated to the Delray area, began working on recreating New York Citys tap water with his own machinery, adding ingredients like calcium and magnesium to replicate the makeup of the water. When he perfected the water, bada-bing, he began making bagels that tasted just like a New York authentic bagel.Today, Brooklyn Water Bagel has locations all over the country. Serving everything from breakfast sandwiches to iced coffee made with frozen coffee cubes, Americans everywhere can enjoy a good ol' New York bagel. The proprietary water treatment technology system that the franchise has at each location Brooklynizes the water, as they call it, and is designed to provide limited maintenance operation for the franchisee via satellite monitoring of each stores water system to ensure consistent quality.'Is there a Brooklyn Water Bagels near you? Leave comments below!

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