Village Coffee Welcomes New Owners in Fayetteville, NC

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Richie Irizarry and Jose Quinones-Guzman are both military Veterans who had a dream of owning their own coffee business. Their vision is to serve the military community in the Fayetteville, NC area to serve the Fort Bragg Military community. They like the sense of community and it is important to them. The newest location for Village Coffee opened in February 2015.The interior design of their Village Coffee business includes a conference room, a room for moms, and a play room for their kids. Richie and Jose liked the fact that Village Coffee provided the flexibility to allow them to participate in the design of their own store. Richie and Jose have succeeded in creating a great staff and team and have impressively hit their break even in the third month of business.The two Veterans are happy with their new start and business ownership of Village Coffee and look forward to continuously serving the military community in Fayetteville by representing a successful coffee brand. About Village Coffee:Village Coffee was founded by Tommy Lowery who was looking to create a business that was as much about Community as it was about Coffee.The inspiration for the name was the Village Square that used to be the central gathering place in most small towns across America. The Village Square was a place where neighbors would gather to socialize, exchange ideas, debate current issues or just be together. While few towns still have lively Village Squares, Village Coffee shops are filling the void providing a warm friendly gathering spot where neighbors, friends, business associates and family can enjoy great drinks, food and pleasant company.Just as we are dedicated to building a community of the best Villagers in the country, we are looking for people who are dedicated to both operational excellence while building a strong community of employees, customers and neighbors.To become a Village Coffee business owner, request for more information to be in contact with a business development manager today!

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