With 70 bakeries worldwide and growing, Cinnzeo is a recipe for success everywhere we go.

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Food and Restaurant Franchises
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When we opened our first bakery in 1987, the enticing aroma of cinnamon swirled out to invite everyone who walked by to take a moment, escape the busy day, and breathe it all in. To stop and smell the cinnamon.

We welcomed our customers inside to watch us carefully make every Cinnaroll from scratch. It was love at first bite. Since that day thirty years ago, cinnamon rolls have been our passion. With 70 bakeries worldwide and growing, Cinnzeo™ is a recipe for success everywhere we go.


How do you establish a happy and loyal customer base? Through their stomachs, of course! And there’s no better way to do that than with a warm cinnamon roll made fresh to serve. Cinnamon rolls are a coveted comfort food across the globe, and Cinnzeo is determined to deliver.

Making good on our promise to provide the best cinnamon rolls to everyone looking for a decadent treat, Cinnzeo is always looking for new franchise partners and operators to help us share the Cinnzeo experience throughout the world.


With locations currently thriving in Canada, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia, Cinnzeo is excited to expand and take our brand even further in key Canadian and international markets. For that, we need franchise partners who understand the value of a warm guest experience with a high-quality freshly-made cinnamon roll.

In 1987, the first enticing aroma of cinnamon swirled from our first Cinnamon Roll Bakery in Calgary to invite everyone who walked by to take a moment, escape the busy day, and breathe it all in. We welcomed guests inside to watch us carefully hand-craft every Cinnaroll from scratch.  


Since that day over thirty years ago, cinnamon rolls, outstanding guest service and satisfaction have been our passion. With 70 bakeries worldwide and growing, Cinnzeo™ Bakery Café is a recipe for success everywhere.

Even as we’ve grown and expanded, we’ve never lost track of our Canadian pride and values, and we remain determined to provide only the most wholesome and delicious experience possible. Hand-crafted, straight from the oven cinnamon rolls, baked fresh for you to indulge in.

Layers of tender dough rolled with our special Dragon cinnamon and “best brown” sugar blend, baked to perfection, and flawlessly finished with our smooth cream cheese frosting—plus a fresh cup of our robust, custom-roasted Cinnzeo™ free trade organic coffee.


We have started to expand our product offerings, making Cinnzeo™ not only the best place to get a sweet treat, but something savoury as well. We will further expand our food & beverage products with innovative items that stay true to our baked fresh and from scratch standards. We have begun rolling out cheese rolls, breakfast sandwiches, coffee-based beverages, and smoothies. We look to meet local and regional taste preferences.

The Cinnzeo™ team has dedicated itself to offering our loyal guests traditional baked goods of uncompromising taste and quality, with a level of service that makes each guest feels welcomed and appreciated. In locations throughout Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East, Cinnzeo™ has made a name for our freshly made Cinnarolls™, all in the warmth and comfort of our bakery cafe.

Our highest priority is ensuring every guest delights in the thought of visiting us again. And we’ll continue to provide only the best tasting cinnamon rolls on Earth as we spread the Cinnzeo™ joy!

**Resale available in Coquitlam BC**


Our entire team at Cinnzeo™, from franchise owners to bakery staff, go through comprehensive training. Our team is knowledgeable in all areas, but most importantly, we’re carefully trained to provide high-quality service and products to our guests. Our Bakery Support Team gives each franchisee the tools, training, and advice they need to help their business thrive. Our promise to franchise partners is an attentive franchise support network, open and ongoing communication, and help when you need it. We work together with our franchisees to further expand our brand by sharing key strategies for sales growth and by supporting them with the Cinnzeo™ Ad Fund. Ongoing  operational support, a strong brand, and a proven track record provide great opportunities for your success with us. Are you passionate about guest service? Have you ever dreamed of opening your own franchise? Cinnzeo™ is a business opportunity with great potential.


Cinnzeo™ also offers IT support with your store’s Point Of Sale system to always make sure you’re up and rolling! Feel secure knowing that we will always have your back.


We have partnered with qualified vendors to ensure guests can expect the same quality and taste wherever they go. Ordering from our vendors also ensures you keep your costs low without compromising on the quality of ingredients.


Cinnzeo™ actively advertises across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as select local and regional advertising mediums as suits the local market. 


With phenomenal growth potential around the world, the Cinnzeo experience paired with an exceptional cinnamon roll is a recipe for success wherever its applied in the world. Cinnzeo is actively seeking qualified frachise partners in Canada and international locations.

You could be a part of this exciting and profitable expansion that is bringing our iconic cinnamon rolls to every corner of the world. We are looking for franchise partners who understand the power and satisfaction of running a great business and the value of a warm guest experience. We are seeking individuals who are passionate team leaders, who can successfully manage the business, and create positive engagement with both employees and guests. Enjoy the independence of being a business owner while being supported by an established brand.



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