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Noble Romans is helping change the way America eats pizza! The Noble Romans take-n-bake Pizza franchise opportunity provides a winning combination: A fantastic product, simple operations and a wide open market. Our customers rave about our pizza and our franchise owners get the dedicated support that can only come from our 40 years of pizzeria experience.

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$80,000 - $159,000
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Food and Restaurant Franchises
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Are you looking for an attractive,
ground floor business opportunity
in the foodservice industry?

Noble Roman’s has been in the pizzeria business since 1972, and we have introduced something very exciting – our delicious pizzeria pizzas in a carry-out take-n-bake business.  This is an outstanding franchise opportunity worth exploring!  Here are a few reasons why...

 Advantage #1 • Opportunity

You already know that pizza is big business in the restaurant industry – over $30 billion alone if you leave out the tremendous volume of frozen and deli grocery pizza.  However, it is also obvious that many consumers seek a fresher experience, and an experience they can control on their own time frame.  With take-n-bake pizza, consumers order their pizza when they are out and about and it is convenient, they watch their pizza being made fresh, then they bake it fresh when they are ready to eat.  And unlike the fully-baked pizza segment where the competitors are numerous, there are far fewer take-n-bake competitors and only one national chain.

Advantage #2 • Tradition

Noble Roman’s has been in the pizza business since 1972, so we have lots of experience, a long-term loyal following, and a reputation for great tasting pizza, breadsticks and more.  Noble Roman’s also has considerable experience with take-n-bake pizza – since 2010, we have licensed over 1,300 groceries across the country to carry our traditional crust take-n-bake pizza in their delis! In our take-n-bake pizzerias, we offer 3 styles of pizza, delicious breadsticks and cheesy sticks as well as chicken dippers, salad kits, cookie dough and iced cinnamon desert pizza.

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Noble Roman's Pizza

Advantage #3 • Taste

Once you taste our delicious pizza, you'll experience for yourself what our dedication to product excellence means for your customer's taste buds - it's quality everyone can taste, and it is the foundation of our company! And at an attractive on-going cost structure, too. Every concept probably tells you they have good food, but ours will live up to the test - and bring your customers back for more! In addition to the ever popular traditional crust pizza, Noble Roman’s also features a completely unique deep-dish Sicilian pizza, crispy SuperThinTM pizza and our signature breadsticks & dip have also been formulated for 
take-n-bake operations.

Advantage #4 • Simplicity

Running a business of any kind is hard work, and you know the restaurant business is certainly no exception.  However, with take-n-bake you leave a lot of the restaurant complications behind.  No in-store baking; no in-store dining; no delivery.  And with Noble Roman’s unique systems, you don’t have to worry about the labor consuming difficulties and inconsistencies of making your own dough, either – our quality doughs are expertly pre-made for you and ready for distribution to your operation.  Running a business successfully is still hard work, but with take-n-bake we have eliminated a lot of operational complexity to make that part of the job easier!

Advantage #5 • Affordability

A Noble Roman’s Take-n-Bake Pizza location can compare very favorably with other foodservice concepts in the affordability category.  First, the simplicity of operation means you can work with very small facilities requiring very basic build-out requirements.  Second, since there is no on-site baking, you eliminate the need for expensive ovens, exhaust hoods, fire suppression systems, and extra heating and cooling capacity.  And third, since most of your ingredients come ready for prep and assembly, you have no expensive dough making and proofing equipment.  On-going take-n-bake operations can be very affordable on a comparative basis, too!

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Who We Are & What We Do
We are Noble Roman's, Inc. and we were founded in 1972 on the competitive testing grounds of Indiana University. We are in the franchise services business - our mission statement is to create win-win financial results to the benefit of our franchisees. We are hard workers dedicated to helping your desire for success - you can even find our company Chairman & CEO here at work 7 days a week! We'll be available to give you guidance every step of the way when you need it, from site location, to layout planning, to assistance with contractors, to considering everything you'll need, from signage down to mop buckets. We can help with professional marketing plans and we'll train you thoroughly and efficiently on all aspects of operations. And most important, we'll put our 40 years of experience behind our on-going support of the brand and your business - you'll be in on all our secrets, our proprietary systems and products. In short, you can count on us!


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